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Work Together at Second Dinner.

Welcome to Second Dinner’s “Let’s See If We Might Want to Work Together” page!

Welcome to Second Dinner’s “Let’s See If We Might Want to Work Together” page!

  • We think Second Dinner is awesome! It might be awesome for you too. But maybe not! Let’s figure it out together.
  • Now, here are some reasons Second Dinner might be a great place for you!

We have big dreams!

  • We’re here to make the most fun games in the world. Not super fun games. Not SUPER DUPER fun games. We mean the MOST fun games. And with our team, we think we have a legit shot at it. And when we do, the games will become SUPER successful. We have experience scaling and publishing games world-wide to hundreds of millions of players.
  • Then, those games will go on to live for a LONG time. We’re not here to make one-week wonders or to cash in on players and move on. Many of the games we’ve made have remained popular for years, if not decades. We’ll keep our games fresh, and our players engaged for years IF NOT MILLENNIA.

We’re a small indie startup. This means:

  • We’re just getting started; we’re still very early in our inevitably epic history. You’ll be here in our infancy and will be a major impact on the project, the team, and the company.
  • We’re a small team, and we intend to stay small. We like it when everyone knows everyone. We think that makes for a highly effective and agile team. And, honestly, we think it’s a lot more fun this way.
  • Because we’re small and starting up, we can offer equity in the company and then work together to make the company (and your equity) a lot more valuable!

But we’re not like other small indie startups!

  • We are funded. Pretty darn well funded. Our goal was to get enough so that we could staff up optimally and have the runway to ship our game when it’s ready, and not a moment before. And we got it. As you might imagine, this means a lot of great things!
  • Unlike many startups, we can (and are!) paying team members competitive salaries with great benefits. You can come to Second Dinner with confidence that we’ll be a stable workplace for years to come.
  • While we always want to be efficient and responsible with our spending, we don’t need to be penny wise and pound foolish. We can do the right thing for the long term success of the company, the game, and our teammates.
  • We won’t need to stop and scramble for more money. We can skip all the stress, risk, and wasted time of having to do dog and pony shows for milestone payments or endless presentations for new investors.
  • You know how building a compelling universe from scratch is hard? Like really really hard? Straight out of the gate, we get to play in the Marvel Universe. THE FRIGGIN’ MARVEL UNIVERSE!!

We call the shots.

  • Often funding comes with a lot of strings attached or multitudes of people looking over your shoulder giving “feedback.” Ours didn’t.
  • We have complete creative control. Over this project and any other project we decide to do.
  • We have complete control over how we decide to grow, structure, and run our organization. Forever.

Working at Second Dinner feels GREAT.

  • We HIGHLY prioritize work/life balance. Energized and motivated team members are more important than having features a little bit earlier.
  • We maintain a healthy and positive atmosphere. No jerks here.
  • Did I mention we’re going to make the best games in the world? That feels pretty great too.
  • And, obviously, Second Dinner is Best Dinner!

That said, here are some reasons why Second Dinner might not be the right place for you:

  • It’s a startup. Despite all our many hedges against risk, we’re still a small company early in its lifetime. And that means there will be more risk and variance in some ways compared to a bigger, longer-established company.
  • We’re based in Orange County, California, and as a crew, we prefer to work together in person rather than remotely. There are times (like during Covid-19, or when the plumber gives you a 14-hour window) when we might need to, and some special exceptions, but otherwise, you’d need to want to come live in southern California with the rest of us! 
  • We’re small, and we need to be scrappy. And we intend to stay small and scrappy. You’ll likely end up jumping on problems you’ve never faced before, and you’ll need to be comfortable with–nay, exhilarated!–by that.
  • Umm… there must be more, but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. It’s pretty awesome here.

And here are some reasons why we might be interested in you:

  • You’re awesome at what you do, but you’re not a jerk about it.
  • You’re inspired by the dream of building the best games and best game company in the world.
  • You’re energized by the challenge of finding and tackling a frequently shifting and often ambiguous path forward.
  • You care deeply about team dynamics and culture. We’re still a new and growing organization, and everyone will be a part of making sure it’s a healthy and vibrant place to work and play.
  • You bring skills, experience, and points of view that we don’t have enough of. A collective broadness in background helps us be well-rounded, versatile, and agile. Everybody brings something special to the table.
  • You’re down with our particular brand of earthy yet erudite humor.

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